Packing a Shipping Container

Last September, the Surfers Sunrise Rotary club received a large donation of medical supplies. From bandages, to hospital beds, there were a lot of items to be sorted through, organised, counted and repackaged. 

A doctor and fellow member of the Gold Coast Medical Association, was able to get 2 pallets of medical supplies sent to the shed, where 5 Rotaracters worked for hours sorting, counting and repackaging all of the supplies. Hundreds of Bandages, gauze pieces, eye patches, and many more items, all of which supplies that are desperately needed over on the island.

We also received a donation of a total of 200 crutches, that were then sorted into size, taped together into pairs and put into the shipping container to be sent over to the island. 

A group of 3 Rotarians and 4 Rotaracters went to a local retirement home that had just upgraded their rooms, to go and pick up 28 very heavy metal beds. It took three trips filling the trailer to get them all back to the shed. 

All donated beds were put into a container along with all the sorted medical supplies, the crutches and a few of the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust wheelchairs. (Read more about the wheelchairs here.) The container was sent over to Port Villa to assist the hospital in Vanuatu. 

If anyone has anything they wish to donate, know of any medical supplies that would otherwise be thrown out due to approaching or reach expiration dates, please feel free to get into contact with us, we would be more than happy to come and collect those supplies to send them over with the annex that is being sent to Pentecost Island.